Nike: Make a big push into yoga clothes, and launch the first yoga clothes designed for men!

Recently, Nike, an American sports clothing giant, launched the first series of clothes designed specifically for Yoga sports, Nike Yoga Collection.
Since Nike has never ventured into the Yoga market before, this series belongs to the Nike Training branch line, which mainly focuses on fitness and training products. It aims to provide convenient, multi-functional and sports-protective yoga products.
In order to enter this market, Nike Yoga Collection series is not launched directly for Yoga enthusiasts, but to encourage athletes from other sports to participate in yoga and experience the benefits of yoga.
Skateboarder Korahn Gayle, WNBA player Alana Beard, athletic fitness player Dennis Hartmann and American Paralympic track and field athlete Scout Bassett all shared the benefits of yoga for their own sports development.
The Nike Yoga Collection series is divided into two parts, male and female, and this is Nike's first yoga costume designed specifically for men. The products cover T-shirts, trousers, shorts, tights and sports bras. The prices range from 35 euros and have been sold in Nike stores and official websites.
In addition to clothing, Nike also launched a series of new yoga exercises on the Nike Training Club application. Nike hopes to help trainers achieve specific performance goals through yoga, such as finding strength and stability, improving endurance or increasing flexibility, and raising training to a new level.
Yoga originated in ancient India and became popular in the West as a form of exercise in the 1980s. Since then, the trend has been quiet for some time, but from the beginning of the 21st century, it has gradually become a popular cultural phenomenon again, and tends to commercialize unprecedentedly.
Since 2014, American teenagers'fashion preference has gradually shifted from jeans to elastic tights represented by yoga pants. Gradually, not only in yoga classes, but also in running and other fitness activities, even in leisure time, Americans are wearing yoga pants. They are buying more and more frequently, and the variety is becoming more and more abundant. According to Edited, a retail research company, there are more than 11,000 kinds of Yoga Pants available for consumers worldwide.
Lululemon, a well-known Canadian maker of yoga and casual clothing, announced Monday that it had raised its revenue forecast for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 to between 1.14 billion and 1.15 billion US dollars, and its share price jumped sharply. Over the past year, Lululemon's share price has risen by more than 80%. With this momentum, Lululemon will achieve its strategic target of annual sales revenue of $4 billion by 2020 ahead of schedule.



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